Screenshot of radio studio - Weekend Wijnand

How it started

This has been an exciting weekend.

I regularly send out tweets to let my followers know what the status of route is, and if new places to sleep are added to the map. On October 18th I tweeted this, and got a response from someone at 3FM (a Dutch radio station).

Tweet from Rients (3FM)

I immediately liked the tweet to take further action when I was able to do so. I happened to be in the train, to speak at WPMeetup Groningen (Yes, about Walk to WordCamp Europe). So, the next day I got a Direct Message from Rients, with his phone number. I immediately called him, and told him about the fundraiser I've planned. He was very enthusiastic about this adventure, and said that those last three sleeping places in The Netherlands will be filled as soon as the listeners of 3Fm were involved.

We planned a call on Saturday, during the radioshow Weekend Wijnand, with DJ Wijnand Speelman.

The radio show

Saturday October 20th @ 10:19, I was called by a private number. Normally, I ignore those calls, but this time I made an exception. It was Rients, who told me to hold the line, and wait for Wijnand to talk to me.

Listen to the recording here:


An hour later I was called again, this time with the results. And those were amazing.


The results

The results were amazing and I'm so thankful that this was such a great success. Three sleeping places got added to the route.

And now, let's focus on Germany, and get those last 12 places to sleep on the map.

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  1. Woutine on October 25, 2018 at 17:52

    So cool, Marcel! I will link you up with Anne, who might be able to help you with places to sleep in Germany!