man with newspaper

Today I got a call from a reporter from a German newspaper. I had tweeted them because I am still looking for some places to sleep. One is near Petershagen, close to Minden.

They quickly reacted and asked if they could interview me to write an article about this and help me find a place to sleep in or around Petershagen. Of course they can!

Today at 11:30 I was called and had a very pleasant talk for about an hour, in German, with the reporter. I got complements about my German skills, and explained everything about WordCamps, DonateWC, Walk to WordCamp Europe and my reasons to do this. It was very nice to hear that the reporter was confident a was going to get a place to sleep in this area.

If that happens, only 9 more 🛌 to go.

Take a look at my route to see where I still need places to sleep.