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My route to WordCamp Europe is final

A path through a forest

I just got a confirmation from the last accommodation I had to arrange to have a place to sleep after all my stages to walk to WordCamp Europe.

I started with nothing

When I announced my route on July 28th, 2018, I had no idea it was going to take me almost 10 months to arrange all places to sleep, let alone succeed in doing so.

The challenge here was to get them for free. I want to spend as little money possible on accommodations, since the only thing I got sponsored is the cost of hiring a replacement for my company.

I was able to get nineteen free accommodations, some even for two nights. Seven accommodations were paid for by (anonymous) sponsors and the leftovers are going to be paid by me.

The route

The route has changed since I announced it. It started as a 688.5km route, and now, the final route, is 745.5km. An increase of 60km, two days of walking. Luckily, I had planned for that and it fits in the schedule, so it’s still possible for me to arrive in Berlin in June 19th.

Next steps

The next step is making the schedule complete, and providing all hosts with estimated arrival times. Send them all an email, and start packing. 10 days left.

I’m so excited, hope to see you in Berlin!