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The trip

This morning I left the house of Niels and Janny around 10am. Together with Niels we walked the first 3km, after which we said goodbye and I thanked him again for his hospitality, and the hard-disk. (you can read about that in the previous post).

The walk was pretty again. Nice scenery, good roads, some with a few cyclists that were not happy I was walking on ‘their’ cycling path. Guess they had a bad day.

I feel lucky about my body. No pains, no problems, no blisters. Just happiness. Happiness about the fact that I can do this, and help the WordPress community.

Here’s some pictures of today:

The animals

Yes, today it’s time for another episode of ‘What animals has Marcel seen today?’ #WAHMST. Well today, I’ve got two special ones for you. Here they are:

Weird right?

The arrival

I arrived around 5pm at the house of Victor and Gerdine and their dog Zulu. I’m writing this after dinner, I was treated on wraps with veggies and chicken. Perfect for the next stage.


I’ll walk to Deventer tomorrow. Click the link, and learn something about this city. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Estela on May 22, 2019 at 20:58

    Are those kangaroos?!??