The morning

This night was the same as all other night. I slept very well, woke up too early, after going too bed too early (but because I felt tired). I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and packed my bag. When I got downstairs, the cat said good morning, and soon after that Ruben came down. We had a nice simple breakfast, with good tea!

The hike

At 9:19 I shook hands with Ruben, and thanked him for his hospitality. I was on my way to Markelo, With two blisters on my left foot, I was a bit nervous about those were going to evolve. As I;m typing this blog from my bed, we can conclude, they have stopped evolving. So, happy news there.

The trip was 35,5 kilomters and that took me 8 hours and 22 minutes, With breaks of course. Here’s a link to my tracked route on strava.

It was a very warm day, and every 5km or so I stopped, to take off my shoes, and cool/dry my feet and socks. This to prevent my blisters from breeding, and giving me more blisters. This strategy seems to have worked. At the first stop I also applied sunblocker, I don’t want to get a sunburn, that hurts. I had lunch in a small town called Wippert. No jokes pleas fellow Dutchies :). Two older men, talked about their truck/transport adventures, and they asked where I was going. When I told them Berlin, they both had a look on their face I will not forget for a long time.

My feet recovered from the warmth, I paid the bill, and got up for the second half of the trip. Now these men probably laughed at me, because my muscles were all stiffened up, and I walk a bit clumsy when I left. No worries, after a few meters It was all OK again.

After about 6 hours I reached Markelo, treated myself to an XL lemonade, and started the last part of the trip. 8.7km to the finish.

Again this trip had amazing views, and sceneries. I’m so happy to be able to see all this.

Here are some pictures of today:

The evening

I arrived at Chris en Bernice’s place around 17:30, and I was greeted by Bernice. She made a picture of me and showed me my room. I asked if she could maybe wash some of shirts, which was not a problem.

There was a birthday going on at the neighbors, which was also family, and Chris parents joined us on the outside deck, to have a drink and some bites. When they left, we ate lasagna, in the sun, outside. So cool.

The animals

Today it’s time for another episode of ‘What animals has Marcel seen today?’ #WAHMST. Here they are:

See you tomorrow!

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