The morning

Again I woke up very early. A sign I had enough rest. Christian, on of the hosts, had to leave very early and I did not see him in the morning. Luckily we already said goodbye in the evening. Bernice had washed my shirts, and prepared breakfast. We had some talks after which I packed my backpack, and got on route to Borne.

The walk

The route to Borne was a short one, 17km. Because I left early, I had some time for a long lunch break and a few extra breaks. The temperature was a bit lower than yesterday, and that really helped my feet. They don’t like heat.

About 5km after I started I got a call on my phone, a private number. Which I usually don’t answer. This time I did, it was 3FM, a Dutch radio station, who wanted to interview me live on air about my progress. They have helped me before, getting the last three place to sleep, and they wanted to check in with me, to see how things are going.

You can listen the broadcast here (in Dutch), and listen to the previous one here (also in Dutch).

Walking to Borne got me through an area that’s called Twickel. Beautiful, and you can see the pictures of it below. If you want to see the route I walked, check it on strava.

The surprise

When I arrived in Borne, I was welcomed by Mark. I took a quick shower, and we had a beer. Then the doorbell rang. It was Floris, from Radish Concepts. Soon after that, the doorbell would ring four more times. David, Arjan, Marinus and Ruben (yes the guy iI stayed with on the 5th stage) joined us. And we had a great BBQ. It was great fun, thanks guys!

Around 10pm, the lights went out for me.

The animals

Only one special animal today, in this edition of what animal has Marcel seen today? #WAHMST. A friendly big beetle.


Germany it is tomorrow. I will cross the Dutch / German border. To Bad Bentheim, where I will see my wife and children and will stay in a hotel with Luc.

See you tomorrow!

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