Waking up

After a great BBQ in Borne, I woke up around 5:50am. Insane right? I managed to stretch my sleep until 7am, took a shower, packed my backpack, and checked if all my devices were charged. When I came downstairs, Mark quickly followed and prepared breakfast. That gave me enough energy to start my 8th walk in a row.

The route

Today’s route brought me to Bad Bentheim. Again a very nice route. I walked through lots of nature, a few towns like Deurningen, Oldenzaal and Luttermolen. You can find the route that I walked here.

And here are some pictures of today.

The family

Today was the day my wife Beatrijs and our kids Noam and Mila would meet me, in Bad Bentheim. So today I took less breaks, didn’t cool my feet as I should have, and the blisters increased in size. I don’t care. I saw them again, and it was emotional, and gave me a lot of energy. We had a great afternoon en small part of the evening.

Also, my wife took some luggage home, There were some things in my backpack that I didn’t use the last 8 days, so why carry them along? I think that saved me about 1,5kg.

The hotelsponsor

Then there was another special appearance, Luc Princen ,who generously sponsored the hotel for me. Thanks Luc!!

We had dinner together with my family and talked about kids, WordPress (duh) and kids, and kids. It was a great evening. Then it was time to say goodbye to my wife and kids and after a few long hugs, I walked along to the parking garage and said goodbye.

After a few beers at the hotel bar, we both decided it was time to get some sleep. And I had to write a blog.

The animals

Yes, here are a few animals of today’s episode of ‘What animals has Marcel seen today?’ #WAHMST.


Nothing. No walking. A day to rest, and recharge for the next week of walking.

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1 Comment

  1. Nicole on May 28, 2019 at 21:05

    Goed bezig, Marcel!
    Leuk ook dat jullie elkaar weer even hebben gezien zondag!
    Veel succes!
    Groetjes Nicole